#ThroughThePages on Sophie Jo’s Bookshelf

Hello lovely people! Welcome to my blog, and to the introduction to a new feature I’m planning on trying out…

I’ve wanted to do a ‘meet the blogger’ type post for a while now, but found I kept putting it off for ‘another time’, or ‘when I’ve…’. I’ve now realised it was because I’m pretty sure that what I’d come up with would more or less be: I am Sophie, I have cats and love to read!

So I thought I’d try it a different way! Instead, I am going to do my best to show you more about me and my life through books: books that I associate with different times throughout my life, and with the wonderful people I’m lucky to have met! They won’t always be my all-time favourite books (although some quite possibly will be) – just books that remind me of a particular time, place or person.

I’m going to call these posts ‘Through the Pages’, which was originly intended as a sort of (admittedly very bad) play on words around ‘through the ages’. I’ve now realised it also brings to mind Through the Keyhole – for those who haven’t had the pleasure, this is a TV show that shows you round the houses of (often minor) celebrities, and you have to guess whose house it is. So there’s that… But you know what, that kind of works (in a ‘I secretly really love the cheese’ kind of way!)

For now, here is the first book I’m going to write about, Unless by Carol Shields:

And also, here’s another picture of Nyx and Luna (because they are super cute and because when I’m not talking about books, I’m talking about them, and WHY NOT!).


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