Review: The Man Who Saw Everything – Deborah Levy

When the 2019 Booker Prize longlist was announced, The Man Who Saw Everything was one of the books on the list that intrigued me most. It is a slim book, with this evocative cover bursting with hazy colours of late autumn. Deborah Levy is also an established author with a portfolio of well-regarded works, but … Continue reading Review: The Man Who Saw Everything – Deborah Levy


Review: Shelf Life – Livia Franchini

Shelf Life by Livia Franchini is a quirky novel structured around a shopping list written in the week our central character, Ruth, finds that her relationship of ten years has come to an end. Everyday shopping items like eggs, tomatoes, soup, pizza all take on significance and give us clues which gradually fill in the … Continue reading Review: Shelf Life – Livia Franchini

Review: Supper Club – Lara Williams

The concept of the women’s supper club itself in Supper Club is deliciously unashamedly feminist. What happens when women exist in spaces they are told they shouldn’t exist in? When they experience pure joy and act on desires that they’re not supposed to have? When instead of always trying to make themselves smaller and smaller, they make … Continue reading Review: Supper Club – Lara Williams