Review: Supper Club – Lara Williams

The concept of the women’s supper club itself in Supper Club is deliciously unashamedly feminist. What happens when women exist in spaces they are told they shouldn’t exist in? When they experience pure joy and act on desires that they’re not supposed to have? When instead of always trying to make themselves smaller and smaller, they make … Continue reading Review: Supper Club – Lara Williams


Review: #TheWomaninthePhotograph – Stephanie Butland

If you're looking for a novel that will shake up your perspective on the world, this is one for you. Transporting us to the women's movement of the 70s, The Woman in the Photograph, by Stephanie Butland is a feminist book about women's fight for equality and exacting change. We see much of the novel … Continue reading Review: #TheWomaninthePhotograph – Stephanie Butland

Through The Pages: ‘Just domestic women’s writing’? | #Unless #CarolShields

The first book I've chosen to talk about in my first 'Through The Pages' post is: Unless, by Carol Shields. Just looking at this well thumbed, loved, pretty bedraggled copy takes me right back to being a teenager, studying for my A-levels and thinking about what I wanted to study at university. I didn't choose … Continue reading Through The Pages: ‘Just domestic women’s writing’? | #Unless #CarolShields

A Modern Family – by Helga Flatland | @HelgaFlatland @rosie_hedger @OrendaBooks

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for A Modern Family, by Helga Flatland! From the outset, I knew this was going to be a book that I loved - a book that pulls out the many intricate and meaningful narratives that are hidden within seemingly everyday lives and events. Reading this book feels … Continue reading A Modern Family – by Helga Flatland | @HelgaFlatland @rosie_hedger @OrendaBooks

The Botanist’s Daughter – Kayte Nunn

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for the beautiful The Botanist’s Daughter, by Kayte Nunn. The Botanist's Daughter takes us on an immense voyage, following two women who are centuries and oceans apart. In present day Australia, Anna is mourning the loss of her Grandmother Gus, and has somewhat lost her way in … Continue reading The Botanist’s Daughter – Kayte Nunn